WORKNC DENTAL’s Automation module allows a “hands off” process to dental milling automation for labs which wish to run their milling machines continuously. Programs are placed into an automated queue, correct material is automatically loaded and parts are milled without intervention. WORKNC DENTAL’s automation module maximizes productivity per milling machine.

Features at a glance

  • Maximum productivity through automation
  • Suitable to automate all machining processes
  • Compatible with all types of machine tools
This standalone dental automation software solution automatically manages the NC controller of the machine tool, totally eliminating operator intervention. WORKNC DENTAL Automation utilizes bi-directional communication system which enables complete control of the machine tool and whole milling process.
This connection allows for automatic job loading and unloading, error reporting and includes automatic on/off capabilities.
To reduce errors and safeguard equipment, a common database between WORKNC DENTAL and the Dental automation module is used. This eliminates potential problems such as blank palette numbers, incorrect CAM file names, etc.
All machining processes can be automated. Whether milling caps, bridges, partials, abutments or bars they can be placed in a queue and milled from the various materials required. WORKNC DENTAL Automation includes the necessary components to automatically load the milling machine, whether using loaders, pallets, robots or a bar feed.
All pre- and post- machining operations can be customized to your specific hardware. WORKNC DENTAL Automation has an open API which ensures full compatibility with all types of controllers (Heidenheim, Siemens, Fanuc, Fast Cybelec, etc).
WORKNC DENTAL Automation allows operators to focus on technical aspects of their jobs by removing all the constraints associated with machine-tool management. Whatever the laboratory workflow in use, WORKNC DENTAL Automation ensures uninterrupted, continuous, machining.