WORKNC DENTAL Implant Module

The implant module is a new and innovative module for full automation of the implant based prosthetics. So easy, it can be used by non-experienced technicians.
The implant module is an add-on to WORKNC DENTAL which allows you to automatically add a Brep geometry (exact surface definition) connection on STL prosthetics from all dental CAD systems. WORKNC DENTAL’s implant module allows the generation of highly intelligent, reliable toolpaths without requiring any knowledge in CAM software.

Key benefits:

  • The preparation of implant prosthetics is completely automatic,
  • The implant module cuts the preparation time by 4 to 10 times normal
  • The implant module allows a validated implant generic connection library to be used.
  • The connection from the library uses real surfaces for an optimized machining.
  • The implant module allows prosthetics to be machined even if the connection is not generated on the STL file.
  • The implant module allows users to develop their own library of implant connections.
  • The WORKNC DENTAL implant module offers compatibility with the implant data from the major dental CAD systems: Dental Wings, 3 Shape, and Exocad
  • Easy to use and very simple graphic user interface for the dental technician so that they do not need CNC milling knowledge,
  • The implant module is very easy to use with only one new tab in the graphic interface.
The implant module includes several utilities for an optimized and automatic process  :

WORKNC DENTAL Impant Manager & WORKNC | Designer :

The WORKNC DENTAL Implant Library Manager is a utility which allows you to manage the integrated database of implant geometry connections. WORKNC DENTAL Implant manager provides complete control the implant connection library. It gives complete control of the connection geometries and it also allows the creation of additional data and meta information specific for optimization of machining.
  • Internal and External connections
  • Add on geometry for machining templates
  • Definition of the geometry
  • Templates for each material
The standard library of implant connections is available in the implant module:
  • Compatibility Nobel Active® 
  • Compatibility Nobel Replace®
  • Compatibility Nobel Brånemark®
  • Compatibility Nobel Multiunit®
  • Compatibility Biomet 3i Certain®
  • Compatibility Biomet 3i Aussenhex®
  • Compatibility Straumann Bone Level®
  • Compatibility Straumann SynOcta®
  • Compatibility Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent®
  • Compatibility Astra Tech OsseoSpeed®
  • Compatibility Dentsply Friadent Frialit/Xive®
Automatic recognition & interactive, accurate placement tools
WORKNC DENTAL uses advanced algorithms for all automatic recognition functions from hole recognition to automatic connection placement. All these functions are associated with powerful interactive tools for automatic and manual and accurate positioning.
  • Automatic positioning of abutments on the customized part
  • Accurate position from CMM information
  • Manual exchange of connections

Intelligent machining templates

A new hybrid machining template composed of anatomy machining templates and dedicated abutment templates brings full flexibility with real time. These templates are automatically merged to provide optimized CAM programming, as if programming had been carried out manually from an experienced CAM programmer.