WORKNC DENTAL Version 2017 R2

WORKNC 2017 R2 Integration
The version of WORKNC is 2017 R2.

Update from versions prior to 2016 R1
Upgrading to WORKNC DENTAL 2017 R2 require that at least WORKNC DENTAL 2016 R1 is installed on the user's computer otherwize the user will face an error message when starting the installation.

Margin line / cavity detection

Custom direction
The direction for margin line detection can now be defined by machine/process in the machine advanced settings.

Detection improvements
  • Margin lines are now cleaned to remove self-intersections and “zigzag” when exported to the workzone.
  • Cavity detection has been improved to better handle slight errors in the margin line.
  • Cases where the whole model was detected as a cavity (usually on abutments) should not happen anymore.
  • If cavity detection fails because the margin is too far from the mesh, the areas where the margin is too far are now displayed in 3d view.

Automatic orientation improvements

The automatic orientation feature has been improved and is now also applied when the model contains multiple implant axes. If the model does not fit in the stock when its axes average is aligned along Z (step 1), then the automatic feature will find the best orientation (axes average closest to Z) to make the model fit in the stock (step 2). If only the step 1 is needed, the model will keep its Z level, if the step 2 is used, the model will be centered vertically.

Global roughing

The standard process now supports a new kind of sequence. The aim of this new sequence type is to manage a global roughing on the whole project.

Implant milling area

Implant milling offset
A parameter named "ImplantMillingOffset" has been added to the implant sequences. It defines the offset around the implant connection that is necessary to mill it. This value will be used to compute the implant milling area needed to deform the wall and to check the implant proximity.

Implant proximity detection
A new feature has been added to the implant step to visualize and detect implant connections that are too close to be milled without damaging each other. This feature displays implant milling cylinders that will enter in collision with other connections on a given model.

Partial stock creation

In the stocks settings, the “Copy as partial stock” feature has been improved and now allows you to import a photo and add silhouette to define milled areas.