WORKNC DENTAL enables you to run a large range of specific dental processes, on all kinds of materials, on any type of machine tool.

Disc Milling process:

The disc (plate, custom shape …) process is the most common way to mill parts in the dental world. WORKNC DENTAL has developed very strong intelligent yet automatic algorithms to maximize flexibility and rapidity of the preparation and milling process.
Benefits: Partial stock management, height analysis and optimization, automatic multi insertion, automatic nesting, automatic fixture pin insertion.

Bar Milling process:  

The Bar process allows you to mill caps, crowns, bridges, abutments and implant bridges from a bar stock. 
This process is easy to use and drastically reduces the preparation time. Only a few clicks are required until you can launch the milling calculation.
At all steps of the preparation process, WORKNC DENTAL automatically offers an intelligent choice which you can accept, or modify it for your own preferences. Automated intelligent choices start from the template allocation and go to the automatic fixture pin generation.
WORKNC DENTAL also enables you to mill long bridges using the leading and exclusive bar-slicing function. This functionality allows for high rigidity of the prosthetics in the bar during the milling process.
Advantages: Easy to use CAM preparation, quick CAM preparation, lower material usage, extend tool life, reduced machining time, lightning fast calculation times, even for Cobalt Chrome.

Block process : (Emax®, Vita®)

WORKNC DENTAL can manage single blocks of all kind of materials and enjoy the benefits and advantages of the bar milling process.

WORKNC DENTAL also offers an innovative grinding template utilizing one or two burrs for glass ceramic materials. Utilizing these innovative templates allows for reduced milling times with high quality finishes.

Model Milling:

WORKNC DENTAL provides a wide range of templates using high end continuous 5-Axis for automatic milling of the undercuts. The preparation function allows managing jaw models and removable stumps, with or without articulator fixing system.
This feature based milling capability enables the use of optimized templates for the specific geometries of the various fixing systems, shapes and blanks.
WORKNC DENTAL utilizes a dedicated toolset, which produces the best machining time.
WORKNC DENTAL Undercut toolpath allows you to use a lollypop cutter for removing undercuts on a 4-Axis machine tool providing an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Full Denture Milling:

The leading dental CAD solutions now offer modules for digitally designing complete full dentures which can be easily milled using WORKNC DENTAL.
All components of the full denture can be managed in different projects within WORKNC DENTAL. The full denture may be using a setting of PMMA or any other kind of resin, or the teeth may be milled from a nano composite block.

Removable Partial Framework Milling :

WORKNC DENTAL brings high quality and reduced machining time for the removable partial framework milling. Optimized templates for PMMA/wax or Titanium have been developed. The framework milling in WORKNC DENTAL is used booth for soft and Hard materials.  
WORKNC DENTAL enables you to mill the frameworks in titanium in just a few clicks with, or without metadata information from the dental CAD program.  
WORKNC finishing toolpath in 3 and 5-axis allow you to remove all the undercuts area automatically, ensuring a very high surface quality, and reducing or eliminating hand work.

Implant Prosthetics:

WORKNC DENTAL is specialized for implant prosthetics with is leading "implant module". The implant module enables you to mill all kinds of implant prosthetics from direct implants to preforms or Ti base components. 
The implant manager is using an implant library with generic connection types and associated templates for all kinds of materials and machines.
WORKNC DENTAL enables you to use the generic implant connection geometry from the library for milling any type of implant based geometry (Scanbodies, Ti-based, abutments, ...).

Direct implant connection milling:

Custom Abutments : WORKNC DENTAL allows you to mill the abutments and custom abutments from bar or disc process in Titanium, Cobalt Chrome or all type of soft materials. The Generic implant type connection with a non-rotational shape have been validated in all materials with a high level of quality.
Direct milling of a custom abutment requires accurate and stable machines to obtain a high level of accuracy between 5 to 20 Microns. The implant template requires a set of tools  which have been defined for all of the kinds of connections.The template uses the most advanced strategies for drilling, threading and finishing the implant connection type.

Implant bar and Bridge: 

WORKNC DENTAL provides a wide range of recognition functions for the best implant position and orientation. WORKNC DENTAL implant templates allow you to mill any shape or anatomy.
WORKNC DENTAL also supports all of the different advanced clamping systems utilized for all different types of blank.

Premilled parts: 

WORKNC DENTAL allows you to mill all kinds of preform parts using single or multi-position clamping systems.
The pre-milled templates have been optimized to offer the best machining time. Usually requiring only 8 to 15 minutes to finish the part with high a surface quality.
WORKNC DENTAL supports many brands of premilled systems ( NT Trading, Elos, symbiosis, Medentika, Alkom Digital,  etc) and is fully compatible with the dental CADlibraries.
Implant Guides:  
The guide can be milled in all the various material available on the market and benefits from the industry leading functions of of WORKNC DENTAL.