Dental Machine Tool OEMs

Whether you are a machine tool OEM developing or marketing "chairside" or a larger milling machine manufacturer for the dental market, WORKNC is the perfect CAM software for running your machine tools.
While some dental laboratories and milling centers are looking to source their NC software directly from the vendor and are moving away from closed CAD/CAM systems, many still prefer to acquire the software from the machine tool vendor with the milling machine itself.  Offering the best dental CAM software package can give the machine tool vendor an additional competitive advantage.
With WORKNC DENTAL you will be able to offer potential customers highly automated dental CAD/CAM software for reliable 3 and 5-axis machining of all the types of restorations, in all the types of materials that your machine can mill.
As WORKNC DENTAL is very easy to learn and use, it is also easier for OEMs to support than other dental NC software.

Benefits to users include:

  • Faster machining cycle times
  • Elements can be machined by non-machining experts
  • Risk free machining
  • Increased operator productivity with minimal training costs
  • Perfectly programmed, optimized jobs every time
  • Improved material utilization and longer tool life
  • Higher quality finishes
  • Decreased or eliminated handwork and scrap