WORKNC dental offers three main versions of WORKNC DENTAL. These versions are highly customizable depending on the capabilities of the machine tool and type of work to be done in the labs or milling centers.

These versions allow you to use optimized milling template packages for each individual type of prosthetic, material and machine tool.

Features at a glance:

  • Three versions for 3+1 axis, 3+2 axis and full 5-axis machining
  • Open system 
  • Easy to use
  • Machine and tool holder collision checking 
  • Customized templates for individual mills
WORKNC DENTAL’s Implant Module is the most automated and versatile application for milling every kind of implant based prosthetics. This module provides access to a standard or your own customized library of generic implant connection feature based templates. The implant manager, implant designer and implant linker enable the creation of customized templates, geometry and implant milling processes.  
Advanced options are available for all WORKNC DENTAL versions which allow on the fly modification of milling parameters as well as templates modification. The template creation module allows experts to use the full WORKNC interface to create their milling strategies and templates.
WORKNC DENTAL Labs 4X: The highly automatic and quality entry level version with an incredible price/performance ratio. This version includes a complete and optimized range of high-end milling 4-Axis templates and powerful automated preparation functions for both soft and hard materials.
WORKNC DENTAL Advanced 3+2 – Positional 5X: The intermediate version between the 4 and 5-Axis versions which allows High end Automatic 3+2 machining and automatic remachining of leftover material in just few mouse clicks.
WORKNC DENTAL Xpert 5-Axis: The high end version for mills capable of simultaneous 5-Axis machining. This version includes every function of the previous versions, but can rotate the tool angle while simultaneously milling. This version is required for using the WORKNC DENTAL Implant Module. 
Implant Module: An innovative optional module for full automation of the implant based prosthetics, So easy, it can be used by non-experienced dental technicians for milling custom abutments, bars, and bridges.