To benefit from a full technical support service, users must have purchased their WORKNC DENTAL CADCAM licenses and annual maintenance plan directly from a Hexagon office your local distributor.
For those who purchased a WORKNC DENTAL license from the machine tool manufacturer or a third party distributor, you are invited to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly for your WORKNC DENTAL technical support requirements.
You can find details of our offices and distributors by  clicking here

WORKNC DENTAL Technical Hotline

If you are a customer with a Hexagon Annual Maintenance Plan, and you have questions or a problem concerning WORKNC DENTAL, don’t hesitate to give your hotline a call.
Local WORKNC DENTAL technical support teams are on hand to answer your questions by phone or by e mail during usual working hours. The teams not only know the software inside out but they are of course familiar with the day-to-day work of producing dental prostheses, implants and structures.
NB. The WORKNC DENTAL technical hotline is only available to customers who purchased their WORKNC DENTAL license directly from Hexagon. Other users are invited to contact the machine tool manufacturer or distributor from whom they purchased their software license.

WORKNC DENTAL Annual Maintenance Plan

Expert guidance and the very latest dental technology

Investing in WORKNC DENTAL gets you ahead of the competition. Investing in our Annual Maintenance Plan keeps you there !
Benefit from the knowledge and skills of the engineers and technicians who created the software and stay ahead of the competition.

Capitalize on latest technologies and dental machining strategies

Stay abreast of new strategies and technologies. Apply them to your dental machining to continue to reap the benefits of your investment in WORKNC DENTAL NC software. By offering you the latest technology, we help ensure you stay ahead of the competition. 

Protect your operations with expert back-up

Our Hotline Support minimizes your downtime and keeps you running. Providing efficient support when you need it via telephone or on-line, our dental software technicians will respond quickly to your issues, helping you deliver your customers' orders to time and to spec.

Qualify automatically for major update releases

A WORKNC Maintenance Plan provides you with major new update releases which include all new features and enhancements making the software even more automatic and easy to use. 

Benefit from continuous software improvements

Our continuous software development program brings you many performance enhancements throughout the year, keeping you constantly at the leading edge. 

Protect your investment and control your costs

Keep your WORKNC DENTAL software at peak performance with one regular annual payment - It couldn't be easier. 

Optimize your dental machining skills

Through regular interaction with our dental customers, we not only resolve software issues but can also diagnose training requirements, helping you to optimize your skills and to use the software to its maximum potential.