A truly open solution

  • Intelligent processing of your STL or native file regardless of the dental CAD system that you use. WORKNC DENTAL is using many automatic algorithms which provides intelligence to the STL model typically lost from the CAD system. It allows keeping reliability and repeatability of your manufacturing processes without any dependence on any dental CAD.
  • All the dental labs machines can be controlled.  WORKNC DENTAL manages more than 100 types of dental milling machines worldwide within a fully open system.  It allows for reduced material and training requirements and increases your independence from suppliers.
  • Your own choice of production consumables (optimization of tool and material overheads)

A truly automatic machining solution

  • Optimized, material dependent machining sequences using 4, 3+2 or simultaneous 5-axis strategies, (optimized machine use for metal, ceramic, plastic and nano-composite materials)
  • 3D management of machine dynamics and kinematics (automatic collision control, simultaneous 5-axis control without RTCP)
  • Automatic 5-axis toolpath trajectory generation for machining undercuts (eliminates manual work when carrying out undersizing operations prior to cosmetic finishing).

A truly versatile solution

  • Machining of any type of dental part in any material (copings, bridges, customized abutments, implant mounted bridges and bars, pre-machined parts, models, frames, attachments, scan-locator, etc)
  • Automatic management of different manufacturing processes (disks, plates, bars, ceramic or composite blocks, personalized restorations, etc)
  • Become more independent and innovative through improved  machining skills by personalizing your WORKNC machining sequences.

A genuine machining module for implant mounted prostheses

  • Automatically machine implant mounted prostheses as easily as copings or bridges thanks to the integrated or customized geometry library
  • Automatic management of the different manufacturing processes (disks, plates, bars, ceramic or composite blocks, personalized restorations
  • Machining of implant connections based on exact 3D geometry (not STL) to ensure manufacturing reliability and repeatability
  • Compatible with all major dental CAD systems ensuring correct recovery of all positional and orientation data
  • Connector libraries which are compatible with the major implant systems are supplied with the associated machining sequences
  • Users can add personalized connectors based on existing machining sequences
  • The versatility of the Implant module ensures that the different types of parts and processes can be efficiently handled: implant mounted abutments and bridges, abutments and bridges for bonded interface