WORKNC DENTAL Machine Tool Compatibility

WORKNC DENTAL is able to manage all types of milling machines used within the dental industry. WORKNC DENTAL allows you to use milling machines with all type of kinematics, running all kinds of milling processes, with high end 3, 4 and continuous 5-axis toolpaths.
Each milling machine can use different configurations of clamping or fixing system for the different processes. WORKNC DENTAL takes into account all of the clamping and machine geometry for the collision checking to ensure a safe production process.

We provide:

  • Multi-machine parameter configurations
  • Library of dental machine-tool postprocessors
  • Library of clamping systems
  • Development or specific adaptation of customized postprocessors
  • Machining simulation with full machine kinematics
WORKNC DENTAL is compatible with a wide range of Dental machine tools including:
360SDM®, Agie Charmilles®, Charlyrobot®, Carestream®, Datron®, Dent-Tec®, DMG®, Dyamak®, Dyamach®, ICM®, Imes/Icore®, Isel®, Kavo, Kreos®, Kutaz®, Lilian®, Lycodent®, Lyra®, Mikron®, Real Meca®, Roland®, Röders®, Safak®, Venture®, VHF®, Wieland®, Willemin, Macodel®, Wissner®, Witech®, Xiangshen®, Yena Dent®