WORKNC DENTAL enables to mill all the Dental certified materials used by the Dental Industry. WORKNC DENTAL gives you a maximum of flexibility and allows using all the new innovative materials right away with no restrictions.  

  • Zirconium oxide
  • PMMA
  • Wax
  • PEEK
  • Common or custom Dental resine or polymer
Hard material / metal:
WORKNC DENTAL is the dental CAM leader for machining your metal prostheses, whether made from Cobalt Chrome or Titanium. Special optimization features for milling metals  provide the most effective solution in the field.
  • Titanium
  • CoCr (Cobalt Chrome)
Ceramic milling:
WORKNC DENTAL has developed an exclusive milling process for machining all glass ceramic materials which provides an extremely fast grinding process using traditional machine tools and a single spindle.
Anatomical crowns cane be milled in only 12 to 20 minutes with a perfect result. 
The achievement of machining inlay or facets is just as fast and allows machining of parts that contain a previously unthinkable thickness.
  • Ceramics
  • Glass ceramics
  • Composite, Nano-composite
  • ... and other common dental materials