WORKNC DENTAL is a full ‘open Dental CAM’ Solution.

Dental CAD Compatibility: 

WORKNC DENTAL is fully compatible with the major Dental CAD solutions. WORKNC DENTAL can use any STL file and also native files from closed dental CAD systems. WORKNC DENTAL development has strongly focused on the STL and native reader to enable automatic use of the Metadata’s file (XML, Description Info, …) from the main CAD system,  or it can re-create this information automatically from the STL geometry. WORKNC DENTAL contains strong and powerful algorithms to re-construct the STL data if required, including information for accurate milling and implant positioning. 
WORKNC DENTAL offers dental native readers for the customers with an active maintenance contract.
WORKNC DENTAL is compatible with all major dental CAD systems on the market, including:
Dentalwings®, 3 Shape®, Exocad®, Smart Optics®, Sirona®, Lava 3M®, EGS®, Cercon®, Procera®

Scanners and Intra Oral Camera Compatibility: 

WORKNC DENTAL is able to use files from the dental scanner and provides advanced functions for managing, cleaning and optimizing the STL data. This allows significant machine time savings. From specialized Scanners or CMM machines, WorKNC Dental is able to recover accurate positioning information directly from the hardware, keeping the accuracy during all the manufacturing process. Scripting functions give WORKNC DENTAL flexibility in customization. 
WORKNC DENTAL has developed optimization tools to utilize the mesh model directly from intra oral cameras.
WORKNC DENTAL is compatible all major scanners and IO camera systems on the market, including:
3 Shape®, Dentalwings®, Smart Optics®, Sirona®, IMETRIC®, ZirLava 3M®, EGS®, Shining 3D®, Cynovad®, Cercon®, Procera®