WORKNC DENTAL provides many competitive benefits making it the best choice for your dental milling applications. These benefits apply to not only soft material milling but also milling of metals and ceramics. Our world class development staff continues to develop new functions and algorithms to constantly improve the milling process and provide innovation for the dental industry.

Benefits at a glance

  • Highly automated and highly reliable
  • Machine and fixture collision checking
  • Automated Nesting
  • High Part Density, lower per piece cost
  • Advanced Rest Machining for full contour shapes
  • Partial support milling
  • Sintering supports
  • Engraving
WORKNC is world renowned for its reliability and ease of use in areas like aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical and more. That same reliability, being used to program milling machines often costing over a million dollars, is used at the core of WORKNC DENTAL. 
WORKNC DENTAL took dental machining, and turned it into a simple to use interface of step by step buttons, without the need to input complex CAM information. With WORKNC DENTAL, anyone can program dental prosthesis without any CAM experience, on the first day.
WORKNC DENTAL contains functionality for collision checking the calculated cutter paths with the Dental CAD geometry of the milling machine and collars or clamping system. This allows for the ultimate in safety and reliability. 
WORKNC DENTAL strives to automate regular tasks, such as part nesting. Automatic nesting can nest parts in seconds, and is done in a way to minimize unused or uncut material. Combined with WORKNC DENTAL’s easy part to part supports, you will be able to place more parts in your disk of material, allowing for the lowest material costs per piece.
To optimize milling operations, and extend tool life, WORKNC DENTAL can finish with larger tools, and use smaller tools, only where absolutely necessary, such as in the fine detail of a full contour. This allows for faster milling speeds, finer finishes and a longer tool life.
WORKNC DENTAL can machine a portion of the attach pins, reducing the amount of hand work required. Additionally, WORKNC DENTAL supports the creation and use of sintering supports, for large or complete restorations.
Engraving is often used for color codes or customer information. WORKNC DENTAL has an easy to use engraving option that can work on the inside or top of the restorations.