WORKNC Dental’s Growth Continues To Show At French Exhibition

A leading specialist in the supply of dental CAD/CAM Software – WORKNC Dental, will demonstrate their latest version at the Dental Forum exhibition in Paris; the very show where the product began its journey to become the leader in the dental CAD/CAM market.

The event, which runs from 7th – 9th April, is expected to attract more than 5000 visitors and is the ideal venue for dental professionals to see the latest innovations within the industry.

A Whole Range of New Functionality
The latest release of WORKNC Dental (on stand D104, D105 & E137 at the show) provides a whole range of new functionalities that generate manufacturing efficiency. The 2016 Version has more specific functionalities making it highly automated with more flexibility and higher performance.

The specific functionalities include the machining of angulated screw channels which can now be performed in a few steps in order to either use Ti-Base or to machine direct implant connections. The geometries of standard implant connections in the WORKNC Dental Library can now be modified directly in the Implant WORKNC | Designer, to customize the screw seating with conical or spherical forms provided by the screw suppliers.

The Pre-milled module benefits from a calibration system for machining set-up, regardless of which machine is being used. Users are therefore free to make their own position settings.

WORKNC Dental V2016 is now highly automated by using a preparation "Workflow" that is fully automatic for all types of materials and prostheses (standard, implant, pre-milled, etc.). This means that preparation time may now be up to 10 times faster in the most appropriate cases. This new automatic preparation mode is highly flexible and can launch toolpath calculations in "Batch" mode or may be paused at any time for manual control or modification.
More Flexibility
WORKNC Dental V2016 now integrates a new module for 3D rest material simulation. It allows immediate viewing and the precise results of a user’s toolpath strategies before actual machining begins. Combined with the STL prosthesis analysis, this new functionality not only allows viewing rest material areas, but it also measures these areas too.

A manual re-post processing function has also been added which brings more flexibility to re-execute toolpaths on prostheses in case of tool breakage, or when using specific/hard materials. This function is particularly useful when controls or manual operations have to be made during production.
Higher performance
The latest version also benefits from all the innovations and enhancements of the WORKNC Version 24 calculation engine. The Finishing toolpaths have been improved with a new variable step, cut linking and smoothing options, which have a direct effect on the machine behaviour, improving the surface quality. The new Overlapping options allow a user to avoid marks on the lateral geometries of the prostheses. A new Re-machining toolpath means users can obtain optimized surface quality on occlusal areas, thanks to a refined detection of the re-machining areas and a toolpath which respects the directions of the anatomic shapes.

The continuous 5-axis Undercut Re-machining strategy now handles the rest material model and lateral multiple passes. It also allows generating a faster toolpath, more accurate re-machining in undercut areas and improved surface quality.

WORKNC Dental is an open CAM software product, meaning it can be used successfully with any standard open milling machine. The software will be demonstrated at the exhibition in collaboration with machine tool partners Willemin Macodel, driving the ultra-compact 308B Simultaneous 5-axis machining centers; Imes-Icore and KREOS with the Roland DWX51D 5 axis dental milling machine on their booth and also on several partners’ and customers’ booths.

Speaking ahead of the show, Laurent Journeau, WORKNC Dental Business Manager, comments: “We have recently launched WORKNC V2016 at shows in Chicago and China, and will soon be showcasing it at the most important dental show in Spain - EXPODENTAL. This proves just how much the product is beginning to grow in the industry.”

He continues: “The story between Dental Forum in FRANCE and WORKNC Dental started in 2010. They have watched us grow to become the leader of the Dental CADCAM Market. This year, it is the only important tradeshow WORKNC Dental will attend in France.”



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