WORKNC DENTAL Version 2017 R1

WORKNC V24 Integration
The version of WORKNC is version 24.04.

Multi-stock projects

Project creation
The project creation workflow has been modified to allow creation of multi-stock projects. Then the user has the choice to either use the new “Fill positions…” mode or to manually select a position and associate models and a stock to it.

Project 3D view
In order to handle multi-stocks projects, the 3D view has been updated. When working on a position you can also see the other elements positioned on your clamping system. You can easily switch between stocks by clicking them in the 3D. When a position is ready for milling, an additional “check mark” will be displayed on it.

Project information panel
The project information panel now contains the list of positions. Each item of the list contains the name of the position, the associated stock and the status of the preparation (a checkmark indicates that the preparation is ready to calculate). Stocks can be moved to another position; if the position already contains a stock, both stocks will be switched.

Split NC files per stock
A new setting to separate NC files per stock has been added to the machine settings, in the “Postprocessors” tab.

Substitution stock

The substitution stock is a way to handle CAD stocks for a very specific process.

The goal is to substitute the original stock by an STL CAD stock during workzone creation and thus to compute the toolpaths using the CAD stock instead of the original definition.

Vertical elliptic pin profile

It is now possible to create support pins using a vertical elliptic profile. Until now, the elliptic profile was only horizontal.

Multiple pins in bar process

A new settings option allows the creation of multiple pins in the bar process.