WORKNC V23 Integration
The version of WORKNC has been updated, it is now version 23.04.

New User Interface and User Experience

WORKNC DENTAL 5 features a brand-new user interface with refreshed look and feel and better workflow.

Important parts of the redesign are the new project creation menu, regrouped settings and a more direct interaction in the preparation mode.

Creation Mode

This mode regroups everything the user needs to create or open a project in order to prepare it in the preparation mode.

64 Bit Version

WORKNC DENTAL 5.0 is now only available in 64 bit versions.

WORKNC G3 Viewer

The VisuNC application is no longer available. It has been replaced by the new WORKNC G3 Viewer. There is now a unique button which opens the workzone in WORKNC. If a WORKNC license is available, WORKNC will be launched in standard mode; if not, the WORKNC G3 Viewer will be run.

Direct Selection

Items and sub-items can now be directly selected in the Viewing Area without using the Entity Manager.

Pre-milled Process

WORKNC DENTAL 5.0 integrates a new dedicated process for pre-milled stock machining. The model may be automatically positioned in the bar by reading the CAD metadata or manually positioned with a new set of edition functions. The connection to be used may be automatically retrieved from the CAD metadata or user selected.

Measurement Module

This new module, integrated within WORKNC DENTAL allows you to make basic measurements on imported models.

The available measurement modes are:

  • point to point distance
  • point to line distance
  • angle between two lines
  • thickness measurement

You can also display the minimum or oriented bounding box of the model.
You may export a snapshot of the model with the measurement taken.

Implant Sub-references

It is now possible to define sub-references for a given implant. In this way, a “sub-reference” can be defined with a different Z-offset and rotation angle with respect to the original implant. The aim of this feature is to make it easier to manage different connection libraries, without having to redefine the whole implant geometry.