Prosthetists’ Laboratory Warranty, Thanks To 2016 WORKNC Dental


Visitors to the specialist ARIA CAD/CAM exhibition in France between October 1 and 3, will see how an innovation in next year’s WORKNC Dental release means laboratories can offer a manufacturer’s warranty to prosthetists.

The 2016 R1 version, which is being unveiled on the Vero booth, number 36, at the Cité Internationale in Lyon, features the Compliance Program, the integration of 3D implant connection design in its Implant module (Serf® and Tekka®), from the Global D development team.

The use of these connections ensures production repeatability, reinforcing relations between CAD/CAM, implant manufacturer, laboratory and prosthetist,” says WORKNC Dental Business Manager Laurent Journeau. “This goes beyond the use of a simple geometric form. It also defines and recommends how to follow a complete manufacturing protocol dedicated to machining connections, created and implemented jointly by Global D and WORKNC Dental.

In this way, laboratories are guided by a charter covering the use of certified geometry, dedicated machining sequence, choice of specified tools to ensure machining precision, and post-machining quality control resources from the implant manufacturer.

“The Compliance program enables laboratories to offer a manufacturer’s warranty to prosthetists, and will be demonstrated by live milling an Implant bar, on a Willemin Macodel 5-axis machine at the exhibition

Visitors will also see how WORKNC Dental 2016 R1, due to be released in the first three months of next year, integrates a new fully automated processing mode for machining all materials and all types of prosthesis. Available through both the graphic interface and in a completely transparent manner from the major dental CAD systems or ERP solutions, this allows milling shops to use automated high level CAM in a customized and integrated production process.

And Laurent Journeau says a number of important innovations to the 2016 Implant module include the ability to add and machine angled screw channels on all types of implant connections on elements such as Custom Abutments, bridges and bars. Also, users will be able to share partial stocks between different versions of the software, and different machining centers.

Demonstrations are also being held on Booth 36 showing how the new Workflow process in the current version, WORKNC Dental V5, reduces preparation times on jobs by more than half. Other features include the updated implant module which now includes a vast array of new connections. Implant connections can be customized before machining, and machining sequences are customized according to connections and the type of prosthesis.
Also, parts can be fully examined – for example, to determine cervical line thickness and geometry defaults – through an integrated STL analysis module in WORKNC Dental V5. And importing predefined machine packages offers the possibility to install over 30 dental machines from either open or closed systems, with a single mouse click.

WORKNC Dental – both the current V5 and the forthcoming 2016 R1,  will also be featured in live machining demonstrations by a number of partners, including Kreos (booth 27), Datron (booth 57),Imes/icore France (12), Berthout (24) and Middletech (4a).

ARIA CAD/CAM is one of two exhibitions for the French dental CAD/CAM market, with 60 per cent of visitors being dental prosthetists, and 40 per cent dental surgeons. “There’s likely to be strong interest for the forthcoming 2016 R1 release, because of its major new dental technologies.”

For advanced users, the Direct Toolpath Edit function changes parameters in machining sequences for customizing aspects such as cutting conditions and tool information. And an interactive re-post-processing function gives the operator the ability to select specific toolpaths to be sent to the machine. “This is particularly useful for remachining areas which were originally machined incorrectly, due to a tool breaking, for example.”
WORKNC Dental, Booth 36, ARIA CAD/CAM, at the Cité Internationale, Lyon, October 1 – 3.


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