Live Implant Milling As WORKNC Dental V5 Launches At Show


Live machining demonstrations of implant milling and standard dental prosthetics form part of WORKNC Dental V5’s launch at the International Dental Show in Germany.
The new release of the dedicated dental CAD/CAM software introduces a full solution for the complete management of the machine tool’s loading and unloading system, plus full automatic preparation of the part to be milled.
It also includes the new WORKNC Kernel V23, along with many new functions and enhancements.
Five different types of 5-axis machine tools from WORKNC Dental’s partners, will be machining real customer parts, at the exhibition at Cologne in Germany, from March 10 – 14. Demonstrations, which will be held on the WORKNC booth, H 051, Hall 3.1, include:  
•    Implant bars and bridges, and custom abutments, on Willemin Macodel 308 B and Datron D5 machine tools. WORKNC Dental CAM and automation software will automatically manage the complete production workflow, from toolpath creation to managing loading and unloading
•    A dedicated 5-axis machine from MB will undertake the glass ceramic milling process, showing how WORKNC Dental optimizes milling time and improves quality of the finished product
•    A Middletech and Imes/Icore 350 i will both demonstrate 5-axis metal milling.

WORKNC Dental Business Manager Laurent Journeau says: “The exhibition is the leading event for the international dental sector. And as we’re developing our partner and distribution network, it’s important for showing customers, business partners and potential distributors that WORKNC Dental is an automatic, open and easy-to-use dedicated software for machining standard prosthetics and implant prosthetics in the shortest possible time.

It utilizes perfectly optimized machining sequences to apply 3- to 5-axis CNC milling technologies. The user-friendly graphic interface has been specially designed for dental technicians who are not experts in machining technologies.”
International Dental Show:  WORKNCDental. Hall 3.1. Booth H 051.


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